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SAF Premium FUT Trading Service

Earn FIFA Coins Trading

How to make Fifa coins

SAF have the world’s largest premium FUT Trading service. Our team has decades of knowledge: We teach you how to make FIFA coins quickly and always safely. The FIFA trading team make sure that you avoid permanent transfer bans and spending lots of money of expensive FIFA points by trading the FIFA transfer market.

Anyone can join and learn how to trade. Not much time on your hands? Our investment team will have you covered. More time? Get to know our SAF FUT flipping mods and watch your coin balance grow by the minute. Even if you have a very small FUT coin balance we can quickly help you make bank!

SIP Making FIFA coins

Get that god squad you always dreamed of

Not everybody can spend lots of money to buy FIFA points and it is difficult to add players like Mbappe, Neymar, Virgil van Dijk, Gullit, Eusebio to your Ultimate Team. If you are fed up with meeting god squads in FIFA Weekend League and want to make a serious amount of FIFA coins, we can help you get that FIFA 21 squad that you have always wanted.

Trading FIFA 21 promo’s to keep ahead of the power curve

FIFA promos come thick and fast, Ones To Watch, Ultimate Scream, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League Road To The Final and Team of the Group Stage, Black Friday, FUTMAS and Future Stars will all be arriving all before February. That is a lot of FIFA 21 content.

We will teach you how navigate all of the FIFA 21 promos ensuring that your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team stays ahead of the power curve, ensuring that you always have coins to upgrade your FIFA squad and complete those expensive Flashback SBS’s and Special Player cards.

Flipping and trading methods in FIFA Ultimate Team

Learning methods to flip, invest, buy and sell cards in the FIFA index using the FIFA 21 Companion App, Web App and FIFA 21 Xbox, PC and PS4, PS5 markets we have every FIFA 21 platform catered for.

You will be provided with Team of the Week (TOTW) Predictions, Marque Matchup Predictions, SBC predictions and how to trade through each part of the FIFA 21 game cycle.

If you have EA Access, you already have a head start, get an even bigger one with Serious About FIFA Premium Discord.

We have you covered with comprehensive FIFA 21 guides including:

If you are SAF 21, making lots of FIFA coins for your FIFA Ultimate Team and avoiding permanent transfer bans by buying cheap FIFA coins. We have the service for you!

With prices starting from just $10 per month this is cheaper than 2200 FIFA points per month. Or for 12 months its cheaper than 12k FIFA points.

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Keeping it social

Feel free to connect with one of the team on our social channels to find out more or join our SAF Premium FUT Trading Discord today via our website.