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Introduction to

SAF Global Gaming - eSports TEAM

The Team

Founded in 2018, our eSports team is at the heart of everything we are looking to achieve. We want to give young, up and coming athletes the opportunity to compete at the very highest level. We want to integrate our eSports team at the very heart of our community to give football fans access to professional players that they wouldn’t have otherwise had. Using this to raise the profile of both our players and ourselves.

Plans moving forward

For the FIFA 2022 season we are looking to both retain some of the existing top level talent we have and to sign experienced event level players to help take our team to the next level within the eSports field, we’ve also opened our state of the art HQ to give players the best possible opportunities at qualifying for major events

Football player kicking ball

Through 2022 we are looking to add an eSports academy to our established team, to nuture up and coming players and show them a clear path into becoming a full time professional FIFA Player.

Our long term ambition is to field a team of players from our eSports academy that has the ability and potential to make it at the very top levels of FIFA

Team Management

We are looking to build a competitive team that combines the experience of top level players, with those looking to have a future career within eSports.

Jon Jarvis

Jon Jarvis

eSports Manager

Jon joined SAF in 2019 to take up the role of manager of the eSports team. He is targeted with taking SAF into major eSports events whilst securing upcoming talent into the teams Roster

Jeroen Nero

Jeroen Nero

eSports Coach

J Nero, known throughout the FIFA community for being a top level player in his own right, joined the team in 2020 with the promise of using his skills, knowledge and professional qualifications to help drive and improve the players performances at events through rigorous analysis and comprehensive feedback

Callum Dornan

Callum Dornan


Starting SAF in 2018, Callum has placed eSports at the very heart of the company and its ambitions. From humble beginnings and with the support of an excellent Team, Callum has been able to build SAF from nothing to one of the largest gaming communities in the world.

Andrew Murray

Andrew Murry

Video/ GFX Editor

An award winning video editor, Andrew has been a key part to SAF since 2018. Andrews creativity has been at the forefront to creating and expanding both the team and social media influence

Martyn Oakley COG media (2)

Martyn Oakley

Website Managment

With over 30 years experience of website design and brand creation Martyn from COG media joins us to keep the website in order and develop the brand and merchandise. We're starting to see results already, Keep an eye out for all his ideas coming to the site over the coming months.

Craig Winfield

Craig Winfield

eSports Marketing