SAF Partner with Clutch Cognition as esports performance drinks partners

SAF Global Gaming and Clutch Cognition have confirmed they will be partnering for the FIFA 22 competitive season as “esports performance drink partners”.

SAF are a U.K. based FIFA esports org with over 600,000 followers across their social and streaming platforms.

Clutch Cognition is a plant-powered performance enhancing drink that not only fuels your brain but also supports overall well-being. Amongst others, Clutch Cognition has blood sugar stabilising and concentration enhancing features.

Clutch Cognition is not based on caffeine or common sugars, has no artificial sweeteners, no added colours
and no artificial preservatives. Instead, the drink utilises the power of functional plant extracts.

Craig Winfield – Partnerships Manager says “As an organisation that influences the younger generation through our actions and brand partners, SAF wanted to cut through the amount of unhealthy drinks and snacks that esports teams tend to advertise to what is predominantly young people

Clutch Cognition was originally designed to be the ULTIMATE esport drink, and the name
Clutch” is a direct reference to its esport-centric origins. What makes Clutch relevant in esports is that it was developed to improve mental stamina and the ability to concentrate, but also in fact your Clutch-rate. It helps you keep cool under pressure.

Clutch Cognition Cans
SAF players will have access to the Clutch performance drink at their newly confirmed esports HQ and will also work together on social and stream led brand awareness campaigns. During FIFA 21 the SAF esports team has seen players represent Liverpool FC, Aston Villa, Manchester United and Chelsea FC in the ePremier League tournament. The team had 3 players reach the FIFA Global Series Playoffs and also won the Maltese BOV ePremier League. SAF will be moving into their new HQ premises at Snetterton Racetrack in September. The HQ will be a hub for their esports team to practise not only esports but to learn about the importance of staying fit and healthy to help them compete. With a fully stocked branded chiller of Clutch Cognition and also a range of health and fitness advice to their esports team for FIFA 22, SAF are raising the bar to make their team even more competitive for the next instalment of the popular Football game of FIFA as they take on the competitive season.
Clutch Cognition utilises the power of functional plant extracts

Jon Jarvis, SAF esports Director, stated: “I’m glad to welcome Clutch to the SAF family! Having a performance drink partner is integral to the team for the next FIFA season which will help us to ensure our players are able to “clutch up” throughout the competitive year”.
Commenting on the partnership with SAF, Rune Rønhave Laursen, CEO of Clutch Cognition, said: “With esports in general becoming more and more commercially driven, and numerous organisations favouring cash over principles, we are absolutely delighted to partner up with an organisation like SAF, who stands for the opposite.

Choosing products that can actually help them achieve their goals, and at the same time lets them stand out as good role models, make them an ideal partner for Clutch.

We rely on teaming up with partners who share our values around health and professionalism, and choose us on account of these. SAF are a prime example, and we are thrilled they asked us to team up.”

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