Sean “Dragon” Allen joins SAF

Sean “Dragon” Allen has joined SAF for the FIFA 21 season.

Sean is one of the most recognisable names in the FIFS esports scene with an impressive history having qualified for an official EA event for the past 5 Fifa seasons. Sean is also a double Vice-World Cup champion who will bring a ton of talent and experience to our team.

Owner Callum Dornan said “Sean brings both wealth of experience at the top level to our team and passion to recapture his best form, I’m delighted that we’ve managed to sign him for our esports team, it’s a huge signing, it shows our intent and ambition to be one of the top esports teams within FIFA. We have to say a huge thankyou to our supporters it’s only been possible because of them.”

Sean Allen said: “I’m so excited about joining SAF, I couldn’t be more sure that this is the correct move in my next adventure. I just can’t wait for the FIFA 21 release and to get competing with all the support from SAF behind me. My plans for this season is to be more active on social media, qualify for as many EA events as possible, then to make top 16 in the world!”

Esports Manager Jon Jarvis said: “Sean has been our number one target for the past couple of months, we are glad that we have finally got this deal completed in time for the FIFA 21 season. The passion and belief shown by Sean in the project we have been building for the past 7 months gives me no doubt that we will see the best version of Dragon in the upcoming months.”

Esports coach J Nero said: “Sean and I go back a few years now, on a casual level but also on a competitive and professional level. Everyone within the FIFA scene knows his name and passion he has for this esport. I can proudly say that there are not many better players in the FIFA scene to work with then Sean, so I am proud to announce that he will now be part of our organisation. This esports team is build all thanks to the SAF family, and so we have built the team we feel which can represent our name the best we can. Sean fits perfectly in the culture we have and with his experience he will bring even more then we could have wished for when we started the journey to build our team for FIFA 21. I am excited to work together with Sean and we’ll show the world that the name Sean Allen isn’t only known for the past but also for the present.”

Also known as “Dragon”, Sean is known to have some of the strangest FIFA Ultimate Team squads which should not be an issue anymore due to access to the SAF Premium Trading Discord where some of the best FUT investment advice is available.

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