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Fifa Chef SAF Global Gaming Streamer

Fifa Chef


18 y/o FIFA Content Creator on Twitch, Youtube, and TikTok. AC Milan & Ronaldinho fanboy. How can one man be loved by every football fan in the world! He is the reason for my love in all things football. I love interacting with my community so feel free to DM me! Hope to see you around 🙂

Charles Ireland SAF Global Gaming Streamer

Charles Ireland


As a content creator I want to make your day better, that’s the goal. So, I pride myself as being as entertaining as possible. I grew up Asia, love all things sport and spent most of my university years playing fifa. After getting my shit together, earning a masters in business management, getting a job and being let go due to COVID, that FIFA playing during Uni is finally coming in handy. All in all, just a guy seeing how far looking like Miles Teller can take him. Stay hydrated.

Cory Belony SAF Global Gaming Streamer

Cory Belony


Content Creator for SAF/ FUT Verified Top100 Fifa Streamer - I'm a full-time Computer Science Teacher that happens to enjoy playing video games just as much. Content focussed on bringing a positive, entertaining, interactive, and informative gameplay experience to viewers.

Ben McNulty SAF Global Gaming Streamer

Ben McMulty

Luke Magee SAF Global Gaming Streamer

Luke Magee


My name is Luke Magee, 32 yrs old. Been streaming since 1st November 2019. Have gamed my entire life. Joined Saf on 1st November 2019 never looked back. Support WBA. Most known for raging on stream but have insane pack luck.